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Moby Wrap Click for Detail, *401. Moby Wrap . A wonderful, easy to use wrap for newborns to 35 lbs. Fabric is soft and stretchy, just like a t-shirt!

This baby sling is a stretchy wrap , made from 100% cotton. It feels like a soft t-shirt and is perfect for newborns . The Moby wrap is the easiest to learn

I have a question about Moby wraps - I looked through the tags and didn't When I've used my stretchy wrap with my newborn , I've done a front wrap cross

The Moby Wrap Baby Carrier Wrap is the perfect newborn baby carrier. Considered the Ultimate baby wrap , keep your baby close to your heart with The Moby

Newborn babies with colic, gas, or acid reflux prefer being carried in an upright position versus a position like the Cradle Hold.

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