canning maple syrup


30 Jun 2009 Canning , Drying and Freezing - Tips and instructions from National Food Homemade Maple Syrup - Directions for tapping, collecting,

Maple syrup can be stored for extended periods of time without preservatives and will still keep it's flavor. The best long term process for storing syrup

30 Apr 2009 The best bet for maple syrup storage however is the ' canning ' method of preservation. Your syrup stays fresh for a full year using this

Finished maple syrup will be 7 degrees F. above the temperature of boiling water at Pour the hot syrup into the clean, sterile canning jars and seal.

18 May 2008 I'm finally canning the maple syrup . I made nearly 9 gallons and it has been sitting in jars in the second fridge.

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