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Cake Decorating Ideas and Instructions for Wedding Cakes - tiered wedding cakes , fondant cakes , buttercream wedding cakes , wedding cupcake cakes and more!

DECORATING ROLLED FONDANT . Storing Fondant Covered Cakes Lambeth Style Cake This style of cake decorating is named after Joseph Lambeth of England, a prominent decorator circa 1920-1930. . Baking Terms / Tips

Discover simple fondant cake decorating techniques from Wilton. These insightful tips for cupcake, cookie and cake decorating with fondant will help you

Birthday Party or wedding guests will be thrilled by a Topsy-Turvy Cake decorated with a unique theme. These unusual desserts with fondant icing are fun for

Trim any excess fondant from the bottom of the cake . Decorate with fondant shapes, .. Fondant Fun. Love fondant ? Have a tip to share? Question to ask?

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